The Beginning of the Blog

I have been wanting to start a travel blog for a few months. I registered the name sometime last year. Just out of the blue today I thought ok, just do it and here is my first post. My husband Craig is quite the technical boffin (geek ;p ) and helped me with the DNS and registration. I decided to use WordPress, as I have read a lot of positive things about their sites, blogs and pages.

I love to travel and I think my love of travel must have started before I was born because my parents met on an airplane on a Finnair flight from Helsinki to Amsterdam. My mother who is Finnish was taking her parents on their first “overseas” trip. My father was returning back to Belgium from a business trip in Finland. They were seated next to each other on the flight and you can say the rest is history.

I was born in Paris, grew up in Antwerp and Cape Town. Lived in Phuket for nearly 3 years and I am now living back in Cape Town, South Africa. I am fluent in French, English and Afrikaans which is similar to Dutch.

I am in my mid- 40’s.  I live with my husband Craig,  4 children, Josephine 22, Craigee 21, Jordan 17 and Jamie 16, my stepson Ashley 28 and my nephew Cameron 18. Our home is chaotic and there are always friends and family visiting and sleeping over.

I will blog about my past holidays and adventures. I have visited every continent except Antarctica. I still have many places I would love to visit and they’re on my list such as India, Egypt, Bhutan, Japan, Vietnam, Peru, Mexico, Israel, Jordan, New Zealand and many many more.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog 🙂

This is the view of the Constantia Valley and mountains from my suburb where I live.


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  1. Wow. Keywords: Finnair and Finnish. I am Finnish who worked for Finnair. I think that this is good start. If possible, please add “LIKE” button. To get regular visitors, visit those persons blog who leave comments on Yours and tell to them that You loved their post. People love to get comments and likes. Personally, I love photos and texts. It is always interesting to see photos from places where I have not been.

    Happy blogging! Matti.

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  2. Welcome to blogging! What a wonderful story about your parents ❤️ I love SA although I have only been to Jo’burg. WordPress had a great blogging community 😀 Cheers from Finland!

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  3. Well, that is a good text to start with. I think you write well; you definitely made me want to find out more. Good luck and the most important thing…: Have fun!

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