Laying down the Law

My first post was done and dusted yesterday. I just want to add the “rules” of my blog

  • There will occasionally be some swearing/ cursing/ cussing. Words like the eff word, you know “fuck”. I am a mother, wife, dog owner, sister, daughter and sometimes I swear. I am not perfect, I am not a Stepford wife. It is part of my vocabulary at times and it will be on my blog as well. PG.13
  • There will be no talk of a country’s Politics. I find this a very controversial subject. I’m not interested in the topic except about Zuma, South Africa’s corrupt president. #zumamustfall . That’s my view and that’s final.
  • If I like/ dislike a certain place, attraction, hotel, restaurant, airline etc, it is merely my humble opinion.
  • I respect all religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism. I know a little bit of each religion. I have friends who belong to the religions mentioned above. There will be no disrespect, ever.
  • If I like a certain travel product or a business in the travel industry or anything travel related, again it will be my opinion. It will not be through marketing/ advertising a certain product for money unless they pay me millions of $$$$.
  • There occasionally will be other writers & bloggers’ stories, videos, added to my blog.
  • If you like my blog please stay, if you don’t please go. Simple as that. No need for rude, unnecessary comments.
  • Lastly, I really hope you enjoy my blog and stories. If so, please press the like button.
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