Swimming costume shopping for a Beach Holiday

My daughters love to shop, at any time, for anything. I am quite the opposite. I cannot go shopping for hours on end, trying on arm fulls of clothing in the changing room. I love internet shopping it’s so convenient and easy. If I go clothes shopping, I see something I like, look if they have my size and voilà, done. Except if I have to go bra shopping, then I have a problem. You see I’m odd shaped, I have a big bum/buttocks/booty, in fact I’m convinced Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé all copied me. I’m the original big butted girl. And I have small boobs. I only wear bras on special occasions because I’m an A cup and I have a broad back. My sized bras are so difficult to find and never fit properly and are either too tight around the back and/ or loose in the cup. Sigh. Oh well, I’m quite happy wearing a sleeveless vest, as my bra substitute. What about them hanging low down when you’re older, I hear you say, these little titties can’t hang very much at all.

The girls needed new bikinis/ swimming costumes for our beach holiday in Mauritius, so I went with them. I wanted to get a new swimming costume as well, as mine is about 20 years old, and fading. This was actually mission impossible, all the new swimming costumes and bikini tops are padded. I can find a swimming costume to fit my bum but then there is a big gap by my boobs. It wouldn’t be a problem if I wore a bikini but at my age, hell no that’s not going to happen. I couldn’t find a swimming costume that wasn’t padded and looked nice. Alas.

I think when the swimming costume I currently have will no longer be able to be used, I’ll have to go swimming in a wetsuit, that will fit me and on the plus side it will hide my cellulite. Definitely a win-win situation.

Tip: Always pack a swimming costume when travelling, even if you are going to cold countries. You never know when/ if you might need one.

Photo of view of Grand Baie, West Coast, MauritiusIMG_6041.jpg

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