The right suitcase, makes travelling much easier

I am a creature of habit, once I like a brand or product I stick to the brand. I travel with a Cellini suitcase. I recently found out that Cellini is a South African product. I have had my Cellini suitcase for a good couple of years. It’s been around the world.

Recently, it went missing on flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town. I received it the next day and it had a little hole in it. Besides the little hole it is still a perfect suitcase. It is light but sturdy. The handle is comfortable and the suitcase easy to pull. It has a TSA lock (lock which can be opened by US authorities). The inside is spacious and I can pack a lot of clothes/ gifts, souvenirs in it. It is very practical and that is why I bought a new Cellini suitcase.

Photo of old suitcase

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 12.50.03 AM.png

This time I decided to get another colour other than black because most cases on the luggage conveyor belt are black and it gets confusing. So, this time around I got pink. It’s easily identifiable, bright and different. The only thing it might get dirty easily, time will tell. I love the colour and the orange tag. I don’t want a hard shell suitcase, I am used to a soft shell suitcase. I like the fact that the top is flexible because I am a pro at cramming in extra items at the last minute.

Looking forward to my next adventure with Pinky.

New suitcaseIMG_8094.jpg

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