Lake Lucerne

In September 2004, I went on a week’s trip to Switzerland with my mom, daughters and niece. We stayed in Zurich and used Zurich as our base. We travelled to Lake Lucerne by train. Trains in Switzerland are clean, comfortable and always on time. The train ride was approximately an hour.

Lake Lucerne is a beautiful city. There are mountains that surround the city and lake, which makes it very picturesque. The scenery is stunning.


A must see place and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Switzerland is Chapel Bridge (Kappellbrücke). It is a wooden footbridge across the Reuss river. It was originally built in 1333 and is presently 170 metres long. It includes the 43 m tall Water Tower (Wasserturm), in the past this tower was used as a prison, a torture area. It is closed to the public but there is a souvenir shop at the base of the tower. On the roof trusses of the bridge there is artwork.

Chapel Bridge


My mom and girls on Chapel Bridge


There are a lot of Churches nearby and the one that caught my eye is the Franciscan Church. It was built in the 13th century.  The artwork around the door is lovely.


And I like the red and green turret and spire decorated with St Christopher.


View of Reuss river with Jesuit Catholic Church on the right.


Girls by a fountain in Lucerne.


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  1. I used to work in Switzerland and always stayed in a hotel in Lucerne. Great to see the place again. That thing about Swiss trains struck me too when I first got there. There would even be an announcement over the PA system saying they apologize when they were running one (!) minute late

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