Would you eat insects?

We lived in Phuket, Thailand for almost 3 years from 2005-2008. When travelling and living in Thailand, you can buy fried insects such as crickets, locusts/grasshoppers and beetles.


They can be found at local markets and offered to you whilst at a bar. We were in Bangla road, Phuket when a street vendor approached us. After a few alcoholic drinks under the belt they apparently look more tempting, this is according to my husband, Craig. He said they were lightly seasoned and crispy and said the grasshoppers tasted like peanuts. He said they didn’t taste bad but the wings got stuck easily between your teeth, a tip he later learnt is that you should remove the wings before eating them.


Did I try them? I wasn’t sozzled enough to try them, I’m not that adventurous with different food like insects. Would you try them?

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