Necessary items to take on a long haul flight

These are must have items to have on a long haul flight to make your flight more comfortable and enjoyable

  • Lip ice- The air in the cabin is very dry and dries your, lips, eyes and skin.
  • Hand cream
  • Eye drops like Natural Tears to keep your eyes moist and reduce eye redness.
  • Small packet of wet wipes- to wipe down and disinfect tray tables, hand remotes, seatbelt clip. It’s been proven that these items are infested with germs. Also to use on hands.
  • Tissues- To blow your nose, especially if you have earache.
  • Chewing gum- Chewing helps with equalising your ears and helps with your stinky morning breath.
  • Hard sweets such as Werther’s original. Your throat gets so dry on a flight that sucking on a lozenge really helps.
  • Toothbrush and small toothpaste- Some airlines used to give you free samples but the toothbrush is too soft and the toothpaste tastes chalky. I always brush my teeth after landing in the terminal’s bathroom. Water on the airplane is a bit dodgy.
  • Pen- to fill in landing cards and customs declaration
  • Earphones- I take my own earphones, as they are comfortable and are noise cancelling.
  • Magazine or book- to keep you occupied on the flight, if you’re not in the mood to watch a movie.
  • Neck cushion- no matter where you rest your head when sleeping on an airplane, you will wake up with a bit of neck stiffness and discomfort. To avoid this sleep with a neck pillow.
  • A bottle or two of water- bought before boarding and after the security check. You should drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
  • Some snacks- especially if you’re on a long haul flight during the day and if like me you’re not too fond of airplane food.
  • Spare underwear and pants/leggings- When I was a child a lady had a little rear end mishap on the plane, she was wearing white pants. Needless to say, she got up regularly on the plane to use the toilet and everyone could see her streaked white pants. Eww. Now, I DO NOT travel without spare underwear and leggings. Also, if your suitcase doesn’t arrive/ gets lost then you have fresh and clean clothes to wear after your first shower.

These are just my must have items, on a long haul flight. I never travel without them.

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  1. I also have an iPad along with different books, games and soothing music stored on it. It helps me fall asleep.
    Noise canceling head phones are very nice too.
    And of course an oversized scarf, which you can snuggle up in or use as a blanket.

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