Buenos Aires an elegant city

We travelled to Buenos Aires in March 2003 to celebrate my 30th Birthday, which was in February. In those days we used a camera with SD card. Unfortunately we lost the photographs, as the backup hardrive crashed.

We travelled with our good friends, Debbie and Sean. We flew directly Cape Town to Buenos Aires with Malaysian Airlines. Cape Town was a refuel stop.  We checked into our hotel, Plaza Hotel. An old luxurious landmark hotel.

We spent 3 nights. In the afternoon after arriving we took a walk and explored the area around our hotel.

Eva Peron aka Evita, was a film actress who later became the second wife of President Juan Peron. She became the leader of Argentina’s first major female political party. A legendary woman who fought for women’s rights and was given the name ” Spiritual Leader of the Nation”.

The next day we went on a city tour, we saw local sights such as:

The Obelisco – 71m Stone obelisk on the Plaza de la Republica (header photo).

La Recoleta cemetery- a cemetery where some of the most famous Argentinians are buried. A lot of the tombs are mausoleums. Eva Peron and Napoleon’s Granddaughter are buried there.

La Boca- A colourful and vibrant neighbourhood

El Caminito- meaning ‘little walkway’ is a cobblestone lane where you can find souvenir and art stalls, colourful shanty houses, musicians and Tango dancers.

Plaza de Mayo- a square where major political events took place. Casa Rosada / Pink House (the Presidential Palace) is on the Eastern side of the square and it is where Eva Peron stood on the balcony and addressed the crowd and where Madonna stood in the film called Evita where she portrayed Eva Peron and sang the awesome song “Don’t cry for me Argentina”.

The city tour was very interesting and we saw and learnt a lot about Buenos Aires.

That evening we went for dinner and watched a Tango show. Tango is a duet dance, with a man and a woman. It is a very sensual and seductive dance. We had a blast!

The next day we went on a tour to San Antonio de Areco, a small pampa (in the plains) town an hour and half’s drive from Buenos Aires and to a Gaucho farm. A gaucho is a cowboy.  In San Antonio de Areco we went to Usina Vieja Cultural Center where you can see old farming/ agricultural machines and equipment. You can get an idea of what it was like to live in an Argentinian ranch back in the day. We also visited the church. A normal looking church from the outside but the altar is adorned in gold, it is beautiful.

We then went to an estancia (a cattle ranch) where we went on a horse ride. This was hilarious, as my husband had never been horse riding before and his horse was not cooperating. We had so many funny moments that day. After the ride we were treated to an Argentinian BBQ. Argentina is well known for its steaks. We had different types of steak cuts and ribs, the meat was world class. The Gaucho was playing his guitar whilst we were eating. The restaurant was quiet and we got great individual service. The men drank Gancia (citrus and herb flavored liquor) and they had quite a few, they didn’t remember the drive back to the hotel. I loved the Gaucho experience, it is a day I will never forget.

Argentinian people are friendly and love to stare at you which can make you feel quite awkward as you don’t know where to look. It’s not impolite, they are straightforward people. The women and men dress impeccably and elegantly. They are beautiful people! Would love to go back one day and see more of Argentina.

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