Curious Corner of Chamarel, Mauritius

As mentioned in my previous post, Chamarel is a village in Mauritius, which is an island in the Indian Ocean. It is situated on the South West coast in the Rivière Noire District.


If you are inquisitive and love puzzles and illusions, the Curious Corner of Chamarel is the perfect place for you. My husband and I recently went there with our 3 teenagers and 2 adult children. It is a fun, interesting and entertaining place to visit. If you have teenagers, you will know that it is almost impossible for them to take their eyes off social media and they are quite difficult to please, yet we managed to succeed in both by visiting the Curious Corner of Chamarel. We were explorers and detectives for the afternoon. Sherlock Holmes I presume…


We stood in a room where we were upside down, a room where some of us were giants and others midgets. The girls did hand stands on the kitchen counter.


Craig, my hubby nearly fell down the elevator shaft…or didn’t he? The stress on his face. I’m sure he could become a Hollywood actor with these acting skills. :p


Money, jewels and gold were flying out a vault safe. My daughter was trying to catch them.


It felt very strange to be upside down. How strong is Craig, he did a handstand on his 2 fingers? Those hours spent at the gym, seem to have worked.


After all the topsy turvy, we had some food and drinks at the food kiosk. The food was of great quality. We had the “puzzle” pizzas and chicken kebabs. There were more riddles and puzzles in the garden. More exploring to do by us amateur sleuths.


You can also visit the gift shop, which has a lot of puzzles, quirky goods and interesting gadgets for sale. We bought a giant domino set, which we used to play dominoes the rest of our holiday.


We were intrigued by the riddles, puzzles and optical illusions. We had lots of laughs and giggles. We were all racing to try to figure out the solutions to the riddles, puzzles and illusions. Such a fun family afternoon out!


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