Why do you travel?

Ever since I can remember, I have loved travelling. When I was little and still living in Antwerp, Belgium my parents had holiday houses in Knokke, Belgium and Eymet, France. We went away once or twice a month to the seaside in Knokke, and once or twice a year to Eymet.

Knokke is a seaside town in Flanders, Belgium. I have so many fond memories riding my bicycle, meeting up with friends, exploring forests, secret pathways, abandoned houses in Knokke, going to get the most delicious Pistachio flavoured ice creams at the old Post Office in Knokke. My parents went for Saturday morning Pimms at the Carlton, a cafe in the town square, whilst they were sipping their Pimms, my sister and I were allowed to go for a walk to a little shop called “Snoopy”, that sold Snoopy, Hello Kitty, My little Twinstars and My Melody stationery, clothing and home decor. My father would give my sister and I, 100 Belgian francs and we would spend at least 45 minutes in the shop deciding what to buy.


I have a very special place in my heart for the village of Eymet, Dordogne. When I was a year old we stayed there for a year and half, my sister Stephanie was born in the next town, Bergerac. I will write another post about my times in Eymet.



When we lived in Cape Town, during the school winter holidays we went to Europe for the Summer holidays during June-July. Every year. We went to two or three different cities every holiday.

My sister is not too bothered about travelling. She has no desire to go away and experience new places, unlike me, yet we were both brought up the same way and went away on vacations together. I have a yearning to travel. I adore planning a trip, deciding a city to visit, researching hotels, rental houses, restaurants, places to see and must visit tourist attractions. I try to research and study every city as much as possible. I read travel magazines and websites and I absorb all the necessary info. I plan every detail from start to finish, a jam packed itinerary. All my family has to do is come along.


I love the freedom travelling gives me, the escape from reality for a short time where you can forget about the bills, the to-do lists, the pressures of daily routine and expectations. You are free to go where you want to, see what you want to, do what you want to. I love to travel with my husband and children, exploring new destinations and learning about new cultures and history with the people I love most. And of course the unforgettable memories you make that last a lifetime.

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  1. I remember all those places too 💜

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