Phuket Zoo 2005 visit

Phuket zoo is a zoo in Phuket, Thailand. We lived in Phuket from 2005- 2008. The kids enjoyed going to the zoo but I always find children eager and keen for most outings.

Living in Africa, I feel animals should roam free. They should not be caged and chained.

Some of the things you can see at Phuket zoo:

  • You can have a photo taken with a tiger who I am sure is so drugged up.
  • They have a crocodile show where the handler sticks his head in the crocodile’s mouth. Quite scary!
  • They also have a show with elephants. Elephants do tricks such as play soccer, paint with their trunks etc It is quite entertaining. You can also buy bananas to feed them.

I must admit that I would not go back to Phuket Zoo again. In fact I wouldn’t go to any zoo. Like I said animals should not be put on show and caged.



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